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The only way for students to compete in this global economy is to ensure that "all" students possess the strongest grasp of the core language and STEM principals. 


The educational system, particularly the public educational system, is facing the same bruising, financial challenges as social services and other non-profit organizations. The paradox to these financial challenges facing our educational system is that if more resources (i.e. financials, human capital, etc.) went into bolstering our educational system, the schools would produce better students who would obtain better jobs or create new businesses which ultimately would result in less drain on the state and federal educational budgets. Our team consists of individuals who have worked intimately in the educational system for years and they know the in-depth solutions to transform schools on the high school and college levels.


Partial List of Educational Services



Improvement in student engagement

Curriculum reassessment and development

Virtual School development

STEM training academy

Development and assessment of internal teacher/professor training programs

College and Graduate School marketing differentiation development

Analysis of core business functions

Mitigation of operational redundancies and inefficiencies

Analysis of school safety protocols

Assessment and development of student athlete learning systems

Fundraising training services

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